Why Serbian Greetings?

Find out why this course is the perfect course for you!

  • Who is this course for?

    For absolute beginners in Serbian, Montenegrin, Bosnian or Croatian who are visiting this region for the first time.

  • How can this course help?

    This course will help you greet and respond to greetings in Serbian appropriately, both in formal and informal situations.

  • Need Feedback?

    After watching one video lesson and repeating the phrases, you are invited to send me your recording, in order to get my feedback about your pronunciation. It is important to feel confident from the very start.

Course curriculum

Pricing options

For now you can access the first chapter for free, and the price of the whole course is less than a private lesson. Once you purchase the course it is yours for the lifetime.

The Most Efficient Way of Learning

The perfect option for you because the video lessons are downloadable, accessible from any device + you can ask your teacher for help any time!

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