Why 5MinuteSerbian?

Because you will learn more by practicing Serbian in small chunks every day!

  • How can I use this course?

    Simply watch one 5 min video lesson every day and repeat after me. See tomorrow how much you can remember and revise, play and move on :)

  • Why this method?

    Because once you can start using simple chunks of language and start incorporating them with other things you already know, the retention and fluency will improve significantly.

  • Skype Lessons

    If you want to practice with me all the things you have learnt on the course, you will get a discount price for purchasing a 5 lesson bundle.

Course curriculum

Premium Course

This is a course in progress, which expands from month to month, so the price will follow this growth. Once you purchase the course it is yours forever with all the added video lessons. Besides, you will be allowed to send me your suggestion for a set of phrases you need! If it fits the course, I will create such a set of lessons and include it in this course.

The Most Efficient Way of Learning

The perfect option for you because the video lessons are downloadable, accessible from any device + you can ask your teacher for help any time!

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